This instruction is for

a model of a spacecraft set,

featuring the spacecraft,

the booster and fuel packs

and a remote controled crawler

that uses 4 motors for driving.

It can even rotate on the spot,

it is a lot of fun to play with and drive around.

This is still a display model,

so kids should play carefully with this product.

It features lights for the glowing booster simulation

using two lightbricks in orange and red

and has the alarm sound brick in the back

to make people aware of the upcoming launch.

The set features some astronaut micro figures

in white, orange and blue,

they also come as astronaut prints,

if you know where to buy them,

they add a lot of detail to the model and define the scale.

You can buy the instructions for

seperate modules of this set in this shop,

if you prefer to only build sections of the set.




W:34.9cm L:45cm H:54.8cm

Parts needed: 3205

The set has some rare parts,

which can be replaced with cheaper variants.

The wingprints (PAX and the american flag)

are custom printed for display purposes.

An idea would be to put your own initials

on the wings and maybe a custom logo sticker.

Your choice.

Estimated Parts Cost: 1675$

Can be built cheaper,

also by leaving out the electric parts.


  • Full PDF Instructions with Partlist
  • This is a digital product, no refunds can be given
  • Do not sell or give away the purchased product

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